Androgenix XL


ANDROGENIX XL is essential for men that need a resurgence in energy and stamina. It promotes free and total testosterone naturally. Androgenix XL can help to:

  • Promote active sex drive
  • Promote overall well being
  • Promote high muscle mass
  • Support energy at high performance
  • Promote FREE testosterone production
  • Support mood and memory
  • Promote high bone density

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, decreases at a rate of 1 – 2% per year starting around age 30. Testosterone deficiency is increasingly recognized as a cause of Erectile Dysfunction, Low Libido, Memory Fog and decreased Muscle Mass. Proper nutrient supplementation has been shown to play an important role in increasing Free Testosterone Production.

“As a physician scientist it is one of my missions to help people receive the proper nutrients to live an energetic and fruitful life. This includes Testosterone Production, proper Hormone Balance, and Utilization.”   –  Dr. Jerry


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